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Word: Abligurition
Part of Speech: Noun
Pronunciation: Ab-li-goo-ri-shion
Meaning: Excessive spending on food and drink

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               The word ‘geometry’ is derived from the greek words “geo” meaning “earth” and “metron” meaning “measuring”. Thus, the word ‘geometry’ means ‘earth measurement’. Ancient Egyptians were the first people to study geometry. They were mainly concerned with problems of finding the areas of plane figures such as triangles, rectangles etc… Later, the Babylonians discovered formulae for finding the areas of various rectilinear figures.

               The knowledge of geometry passed from the Egyptians to the Greeks and many Greek mathematicians worked on geometry. Thale and his pupil Pythagoras were among them. Euclid was the first Greek mathematician who initiated a new way of thinking the study of geometry. He intoduced the method of proving a geometrical result by deductive reasoning based upon previously proved results and some self-evident specific assumptions called axioms.

               The geometry of plane figures, which we shall be studying in the next few pages, is also based upon the approach of deductive logic. That is why, it is popularly known as Euclid’s geometry.


               The study of geometry can be classified broadly into three categories. This is from the perspective of aptitude tests conducted at various levels. The three categories are given below, click on the link for further learning.