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Word: Abligurition
Part of Speech: Noun
Pronunciation: Ab-li-goo-ri-shion
Meaning: Excessive spending on food and drink

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Sentence Completion – 20111216

Directions: Choose the correct option to fill up the blanks.

Q1. George Barnard Shaw said that the contemporary social values could be the flippant and _____ at some times.

Important Profound Inane Riveting Absurd

Q2. _____ the general had been told by the field staff that continuing war fare [...]

Antonyms – 20111215

Directions: Choose the option which is the opposite of the word mentioned.


Beta Gamma Delta Alpha


Mar West Stuff Fade


Loyalty Punishment Depth Dearth


Metabolism Catabolism Quantity Autisms


Magnanimous Diabolical Benevolent Critical

Averages And Totals

Q1. A batsman scores 35, 45 and 37 runs in first, second and third innings respectively. Find the average runs in the three innings?

38 39 40 41

Q2. The average weight of a class having 52 students is 52 kg. Find the total weight of the class?

2504 kg 2708 [...]

General Math Practice – Set 9

VA – Vedic Aptitude | QA – Quantitative Aptitude | GP – General Practice | P0009 – SET 9

Practice Problems

Q81. Taps A and B can independently fill a tank in 6 and 10 hours. Leak C can empty a filled tank in 8 hours. On an empty [...]

General Math Practice – Set 8

VA – Vedic Aptitude | QA – Quantitative Aptitude | GP – General Practice | P0008 – SET 8

Practice Problems

Q71. The product of two numbers is 2400. If the bigger number is 1.5 times the smaller number is

40 45 35 30

Q72. Six men [...]

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